Oil changes should be done annually (more often if you run a lot of hours) even if you only put a few hours of run time a season on your boat. This is because of the lake environment that we all love can be hard on your engine. Moisture is one of the many by-products of combustion and when you combine that with the moisture laden environment it shortens the life span of the oil.

We use ONLY marine grade oils and premium filters for our oil changes. Cost per engine runs $80 labor plus parts; parts may very depending on if it is a small block, big block, gasoline or diesel.


Due to the high number of electronic options, please call us to discuss your particular vessel and electronic needs.


When it comes to keeping your boat in tip top shape it takes more than the occasional cleaning. Gel coat is a very hardy finish but requires maintenance. Wax doesn’t last forever and needs to be reapplied often. If your boat starts getting dull that means the gel coat is starting to break down on a microscopic level on the surface. At this point you can apply wax and it may bring a certain shine back but does not address the deteriorated gel coat underneath the wax. If the gel coat hasent broke down to far, the only way to bring back the “Factory Shine” is to compound, polish and then wax. Once this has been done it is important to keep a good quality wax applied year around.

Due to the different stages of deterioration the best way to get an accurate estimate is to let us look at the boat and determine the proper care.

We offer many additional services from haul outs and bottom jobs to carpet and upholstery. Please call us to discuss your specific needs!